• Culture

Starting on foot from the B & B Teapot you can visit:

- Castle Federici Gorzone and church of San Giovanni
- Archaeological Park Luine
- Lake Moro

In the town of Darfo are many places of cultural interest, such as:
- The historical centers (Erbanno, Angone, Sejanus, Gorzone, etc …)
- The Romanesque bridge Parma, meeting the Historical Museum of the Mountain of Forges; the religious heritage with its works of art (parish churches, Santa Maria del Restello to Erbanno, Oratory of the dead in Montecchio, numerous shrines along the city streets and rural)
- The heritage of the local tradition (Craft Camunian wood)
- “Archeopark” the theme park that allows you to relive the prehistory to the discovery of the ancient Camuni and the people of the Po and the Alps.

Attractions of different historical periods easily reached from Darfo:
_preistoria (parks petroglyphs in Capo di Ponte)
_romanità (theater, museum and amphitheater and the Temple of Minerva in Cividate Location Spinera)
_medioevo (Castle of Breno and stronghold of Cimbergo)
_rinascimento (pictorial cycles in Pisogne, Announced, Bienno, Breno, Esine, Berzo, Christ the King)
_musei ethnographic (Malegno, Ossington, Lozio, Bienno)
_luoghi and religious traditions (Madonna Gianico and Funsciù, Way of the Cross and Holy Representation of Cerveno)
_edifici of worship (church of Blessed Innocent Berzo)
_Pievi And Monasteries (San Siro and San Salvatore in Capo di Ponte, announced at Ossington)